The Last Chevrolet Camaro Baldwin Motion Phase III

When we talk about Baldwin Motion vehicles, prices seem very expensive. That’s because cars like those aren’t made or modified anymore. Many collectors are still looking for a Baldwin Motion car that could be part of their collection.

We’ve found one for you today but unlike all those mint and working condition Baldwin Motion Camaro, this one is a little different. This car lot was on sale on August 3, 2019, at Mecum’s Harrisburg, and cost $90,200.

Car Specs

This car is a Phase III Motion Camaro and that is well documented. The original owner of this Camaro is no other than the mechanic Joel Rosen who was responsible for building this car in motion. You will also find Joel Rosen’s signature in this car. It has a v8 engine with automatic transmission plus Mickey Thompson tires.

Building Faster Cars

The main reason for modifying such cars is to make them fast. But how fast do you want to go and how much are you willing to spend to get to that speed? It is no surprise that going fast meant spending a lot of cash.

Imagine this, back in the day, a V-8 Camaro would be sold at about $3,300 in 1973. However, if you choose to have it modified by Baldwin Motion, then that would cost you about $8000. As you can see, the price easily doubled and can even triple once the company has worked its magic on them.

As for this car, many believe that it is the last of its kind that was ever built. It has a well-documented trail of previous owners. One of the previous owners was Butch Ongaro who bought it for about $8,000.

Under his care, the car was used for racing for about 10 years until the car was sold. Ironically, his son Chris bought back the car several years later. In the 1990s, the car was given slightly customized before it was sold to a car enthusiast in Florida.

Never Restored

There wasn’t any record of any full restoration with this vehicle. They say that it still has the original engine and many of the customizations that Motion Performance did was still intact.

The interior was modified to have a custom tweed pattern but is now returned back to factory stock. That also includes the roll bar that was installed by Motion. The exterior was painted green at some point but is now back to the original gold color.

This car has been very well photographed and has been featured in various magazines. As expected, this car may be valued at over $200,000 today. While it isn’t in mint condition, it is still priceless and valuable, especially to collectors.

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